Accelerating Neurosciences

A venture-incubator company acting as an integrator and catalyzer of the most promising neurosciences opportunities.

Neurosciences R&D

  • Great science is not enough for a product to reach patients
  • There is gap between a discovery and a potentially marketable technology/product


How we work

  • We scout the most promising projects in Neurosciences
  • We invest in the selected projects and incubates them to accelerate the development
  • We bring the expertise to transform breakthrough discoveries in successful products/technologies

1. Scout & Select

Through data mining, scientific networking and business acumen we scout and select the most promising projects.


2. Incubate

We guide the selected projects in their R&D path to become robust commercial product-candidates and technologies.


3. Develop & Exit

Projects that meet the milestones will take-off through our relationships with the industry, investors and patients associations.

The Team

We have assembled a unique team with top-notch blend of skills and experiences that ranges from bio-entrepreneurs to pharma developers and financing experts.


Customized Approach

We build and add value on each selected project by bringing together the building blocks of success: people, technology and the market.


Our Skills

  • Product & Technology Development
  • Fund Raising
  • Business & Commercial Development
  • Strategic Transactions
  • IP strategy
  • Project Management

Our Partners

We gathered around us a broad network of partners encompassing Academic Centers of Excellence, Biotech Companies, CROs, CMOs, Pharmaceuticals and Device Companies, Venture Capital and Financial Investors. We are closely working with several skilled professionals in the field both from academia and the industry.

Work with us

If you are an originator/inventor/owner of a promising product/technology and willing to identify the right leverage, please contact us.
We will be happy to team-up with you to bring your product/technology to its next stage.